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Specialising in Architectural, Interior, Aerial Drone & Telescopic Mast Photography in Lancashire, Yorkshire and the North West.

Drone pilot and Drone photographer operating throughout Lancashire, Yorkshire and the North West UK offering Drone Photography, Drone Videography, Drone 3D Mapping, Drone Volumetrics, Drone Roof inspections, Aerial Photography, Aerial video, Photographs for business, Mast Photography, Drone inspection, Drone inspection for roof, Drone inspection for turbines, Drone inspection for commercial property, Drone maping for Quarries, Drone works of all kinds.

Let P4OTOS create dramatic architectural photos to show off your real estate in its best light. The images will make your clients want to visit your premises and enjoy the services you have to offer, or visit with the potential of investing or buying.

Utilising the Zenmuse X5s shooting video at up to 5.2k with a 20.8 megapixel camera, P4OTOS can keep pace with the rigours of professional filming and photography.
Delivering brilliant results – every time.

Let P4OTOS help your business in managing stockpile inventory. Utilising the latest drone technology we have a solution for volume measurement (accurate to within 2-5%) giving you access to better inventory management.

Utilising the Zenmuse X5s shooting video at up to 5.2k with a 20.8 megapixel camera, P4OTOS can keep pace with the rigours of professional filming and photography.
Delivering brilliant results – every time.

When was the last time you had your roof inspected? Did you know that some insurance companies may pay out a reduced sum if there is a problem with your roof and it has not been inspected within the last 2 – 5 years?
Drone surveys can highlight areas that need repairing so that you can get multiple quotes from different repairers, enabling you to compare several quotes can help you to get the best value repair work for your money.

Because there is no physical contact with the roof, drones can be used to assess fragile roofs and ascertain if repairs need to be carried out without the need for specialist equipment, such as scaffolding or mobile platforms, which can be costly and without unnecessary risk to life.

It’s not easy to show someone the full view from your home with a traditional camera, let P4OTOS help you to sell your home using our specialist equipment. 

On average, people spend over 60% of their time looking at the pictures on an estate agents website when they are looking for a new home! 

Help your home stand out and sell it faster. 

Using our high end equipment, software, training and experience,
we can create fully measurable 3D maps and models. 

These can be used to accurately calculate distance and areas, for example roof areas for repair works or site areas for use in the surveying and construction industry as well as measuring such things as floor space for commercial valuations or rental calculations. 

Mast Photography for inspection. Drone photography, roof inspection, aerial mapping and volumetrics north west uk


It's not always possible to use a drone due to external factors, such as close proximity to people or buildings not under the drone operators control.
If you are looking for elevated photography in a city centre, P4OTOS have a 26-metre telescopic mast that can be used when dones can't.
Contact us today to find out what we can do to help your business stand out!

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Eric Bautsch
Eric Bautsch
20:19 03 Mar 20
Dan was very intuitive about understanding our needs. Great photography, excellent service. Dan is a fab guy to work... with. Very efficient, professional and photos available to us next day. Excellent value for money. I can recommend Dan to everyone.read more
S Dean
S Dean
10:07 21 Jan 20
Excellent job. Excellent quality footage, covering everything we needed and more. Friendly, helpful and at a very... reasonable price. Thanks Dan, great job.read more
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