5 Reasons for using Video Content to Market My Business

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Using Video Content is a particularly effective way to promote your business, particularly as YouTube is second only to Google in the most used search engines on the internet.

However, over the past fifteen months when businesses have been forced to close at short notice and for lengthy periods, the financial impact has been quite devastating & for many SME’s and the thought of hiring a videographer to create professional Video Content for your business website is often seen as an expensive luxury available only in better times.

But wait.

What if we were to tell you this was exactly the right time to work with a videographer to create Video Content to promote your business following the recent economic crisis?

Here are 5 reasons for using Video Content to market your business in 2021, and hiring a professional Videographer is the best way to optimise results!

People Respond to Videos.

Video Content is a fantastically popular medium, which people naturally want to connect with.

Video is an immersive experience, and the visual appeal offers compelling evidence of the advantages of buying your product or service that traditional advertising does not.

In a poll, 64% of consumers said that watching a marketing video had influenced their purchasing decisions, with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok leading the way for Video Content.

Video Content Marketing works for B2B sales.

Whilst video marketing has traditionally been seen as a B2C marketing channel, B2B organisations are jumping on the band wagon and smart marketers are using Video Content for their marketing tool of choice to influence decision makers.

In fact, over 40% of marketing professionals have committed to using Video Content in the last year, and use LinkedIn as one of their key channels to market in addition to the more recognised social media platforms traditionally used for B2C sales.

Video Content Increases Traffic and SEO

We’ve already mentioned how YouTube is second only to Google in the go-to search engine of choice.

And did you know, in their own marketing strategy Google knows that videos play and an important part in consumer choices for all sorts of reasons, so when you search on Google especially for a knowledge-based information search, YouTube videos appear at the top of the search engine page.

So, if you are creating Video Content for your products and services with ‘how to….’ in the title and they are optimised for YouTube they are more likely to rank higher up the page, meaning your intended audience reach widens considerably.

Improved Business Reputation

Do you want to be considered an expert in your field?

If the answer is yes, (and let’s face it who doesn’t want to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise of their own products and services), Video Content is a fantastic way to achieve this.

You can get right to the heart of what it is you want to say in a matter of moments, and people naturally want to buy from people based on the trust factor when making a purchase.

So, if your Video Content has something worthwhile to say about your service or demonstrates the quality and effectiveness of your products, people will build up trust in your business reputation and you will gain brand loyalty.

Professional Content and Editing

 Video Content is even more successful if you hire a professional Videographer to work with.

A professional Videographer will take the time to look at lighting and composition and will have the tools to edit your video so that you achieve the best results possible to create engaging videos.

And two minutes of professionally edited video is worth far more to your business than some dodgy uploads from your own mobile, which could actually be more damaging to the expert reputation you want to achieve.

Furthermore, a professional Videographer will be able to optimise your Video Content for the likes of YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok so you will reach audiences in a way that your less well-prepared competitors won’t!

So, choosing to use Video Content to market your business, is a way of getting better results for the effort and the investment, at a time when Video Content marketing is leading the way in marketing trends.

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