Promoting Your Business Through Video Content

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Promoting your business through video content is something we care passionately about here at!

The video marketing statistics clearly demonstrate that posting video content to your website is fast becoming the marketing strategy smart businesses are using to drive traffic, with ‘74% of marketers saying video has a better return on investment than static imagery’.  

In this week’s blog we are going to look at why using video content for marketing your business is becoming increasingly popular, the positive impact for businesses, and how your business can keep up with these marketing trends well in to 2021 and beyond!

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Why Video Content Marketing is Important

Video Content is an important marketing tool to have in your repertoire and here’s why.

People love to watch videos!

And to put that into context, over 5 BILLION videos are watched on YouTube every single day! Furthermore, 6 out of every 10 people prefer online video platforms to live television, with the prediction being that by 2025, half of all viewers under the age of 32, won’t bother with a paid T.V. subscription, generating billions of dollars in the video marketing industry.

Not only that. Promoting your business through Video Content Marketing is an ideal way to demonstrate your products or services in a highly engaging and direct way. By producing video content for your website, you have a more visual medium that your audience can connect with therefore getting a feel for what your product or service can deliver for them in front of their own eyes without even having to leave the comfort of their own front room!

Video content drives traffic and improves your SEO rankings.

This is largely because Google show YouTube videos at the top of the page when it comes to search terms.

So, if you include video content in the marketing strategy for your website but your competitor doesn’t, chances are when potential clients are searching for your product or service, you will rank higher on the page meaning you will get seen first.

How Video Content Can Help Your Business to Grow

Video content will help your business grow because it will help you to target your audience visually in addition to the regular advertising mediums such as written content or static photography.

This helps to build trust with your customer and gives you access to a wider audience than you had previously without video.

You can share video content to almost all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. And don’t forget the latest addition to the collection of social media platforms, TikTok.

As we mentioned in our last blog,  TikTok get a record 689 million active users every month, and this is no surprise. The TikTok brand wasn’t just the fastest growing social media app of 2020, it is the fastest growing app of all time, with a now incredible global reach since it’s launch in 2017.  

And as people are using their smart phones to search more and more whilst they are out on the move, video content marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach your target audience, helping your business to grow.

How Can I Get Professional Video Content on my Website?

Because video content is one of the fastest growing marketing strategies for businesses wishing to increase their sales and revenue, it is important that the videos you share are of a high calibre and immediately engaging for your viewer.

This means a quick two minutes’ videoing on your smart phone, with shaky hands and bad lighting, just won’t cut it.

Viewers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their tastes, and the desire to watch good quality content means you have to meet them on at that level, or risk making your product or service look inferior because of poor technique.

The easiest way to get great video content on to your website is to hire a professional videographer who will work with you to produce the best quality videos, that are engaging from the start, and are consistently of a superior standard, all the way through.

A professional videographer will have all the right equipment to create the best lighting for both indoor or outdoor videos and will be able to edit and create a video that will show your product or service in the most attractive and appealing way possible.

By hiring a professional videographer, you will not only have invested in your video content marketing strategy, but you will also have created a valuable extension to your business for the long term.

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