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Roof leaks are a problem in any weather, but a roof that starts to leak during a heavy rainstorm can quickly turn into a major emergency, causing thousands of pounds of damage to not just the building but also computers, servers, machinery and carpets to name but a few things. 
Roofing companies often charge extra for emergency callouts, so knowing what is going on with your roof and doing maintenance work ahead of time may save you a lot of money on your repair bill, downtime for refurbishments and replacing equipment or stock that got damaged.
If you have not had your roof inspected recently and storm damage occurs, then an insurer could payout a reduced sum because there is no evidence that the roof was in good condition beforehand. 
Following a drone inspection, P4OTOS will provide you with a report which includes images proving the external condition of your roof. 

When a gutter becomes blocked the water builds up and overflows onto your external wall, a common cause of overflowing gutters is fallen leaves, vegetation growth and even birds nests blocking parts of the gutters and preventing rainwater from travelling to the downpipes.

This can lead to walls becoming saturated, which in turn leads to wet rot issues, mould and damp issues, frost damage, erosion of the pointing and ultimately increases the porosity of the wall.

Slipped or cracked tiles, damaged ridges, vegetation growth and debris can all lead to water ingress and problems with structure further down the line.

It is also worth mentioning that a loose component on a roof could pose a major risk to life if it were to become dislodged and fall onto a walkway or pedestrian area. 

Drone surveys can highlight areas that need repairing so that you can get multiple quotes from different repairers, enabling you to compare multiple quotes so you can get the best value. 

Because there is no physical contact with the roof, drones can be used to assess fragile roofs and ascertain if repairs need to be carried out without the need for specialist equipment such as scaffolding or mobile platforms which can be costly and without unnecessary risk to life.  

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Eric Bautsch
Eric Bautsch
20:19 03 Mar 20
Dan was very intuitive about understanding our needs. Great photography, excellent service. Dan is a fab guy to work... with. Very efficient, professional and photos available to us next day. Excellent value for money. I can recommend Dan to everyone.read more
S Dean
S Dean
10:07 21 Jan 20
Excellent job. Excellent quality footage, covering everything we needed and more. Friendly, helpful and at a very... reasonable price. Thanks Dan, great job.read more
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