26 m Telescopic Mast

It’s not always possible to use a drone due to external factors. P4OTOS have a 26-metre telescopic mast that can be used when dones can’t.

Example: The area that required photography was meters away from two busy roads, multiple buildings and members of the general public. 

In this instance it would not have been safe to use a drone to obtain imagery at the hour required, however using the telescopic mast P4OTOS were able to complete the job safely and efficiently, whilst causing minimal disruption to the general public. 

Mast Photography for inspection. Drone photography, roof inspection, aerial mapping and volumetrics north west uk

When longevity is key

Sometimes, a customers requirements call for a camera to be in a fixed position for long durations.
A drone is only able to stay in a similar position for around half an hour at the most before it must be brought down and the battery changed,
it can then be sent up to a similar position again but it is unlikely to be millimetre precise.

With our telescopic mast, we can maintain a fixed position up to 26 metres above the ground, for extended periods of time.
The camera is linked to a control unit inside the van below and can be programmed to get the imagery you require.

What our customers think...

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Eric Bautsch
Eric Bautsch
20:19 03 Mar 20
Dan was very intuitive about understanding our needs. Great photography, excellent service. Dan is a fab guy to work... with. Very efficient, professional and photos available to us next day. Excellent value for money. I can recommend Dan to everyone.read more
S Dean
S Dean
10:07 21 Jan 20
Excellent job. Excellent quality footage, covering everything we needed and more. Friendly, helpful and at a very... reasonable price. Thanks Dan, great job.read more
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