Top Tips for Creating Your Own Video Content Marketing

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Why Create Video Content for Marketing?

Browsing for top tips for creating your own video content marketing is rapidly becoming a search engine favourite in ‘How to’ search engine requests.

And this is largely due to Video Content for websites and social media becoming one of the most popular ways business owners and marketers are creating interest in their brand, products, or services.

There are lots of eager, would-be videographers picking up their camera, setting the record button and creating literally hundreds of hours of videos that are being uploaded to websites and social media on an hourly basis.  

Which is great if yours gets to the top of the search engine listings and your audience actually get to see what you have created.

However, with the sheer volume of video content being uploaded this is no easy task.

So, what are the top tips for creating your own video content marketing?

Read on here to find out!

Plan Your Video Content Marketing

The first thing to do is Plan. Plan. Plan!!!

If your video isn’t planned, you can end up with a video that firstly, isn’t fun to make and secondly, isn’t fun for your audience to watch.

If you have a clear theme to your video content, or an idea of your end goal, you can create content with purpose and your audience will be able to pick out your messages more easily.

Knowing what you want to include will make the process of creating video content a lot more fun, and the outcome will be a far more engaging and compelling story at the end of it.

Because you only have a couple of minutes where your audience is engaged. So, plan to use your video time efficiently!

Have Personality When Creating Video Content, and build a brand!

Having successful video content is about building relationships with your audience, with the end goal being to create engagement afterwards.

Much like on YouTube, having a comments section or Q&A ‘s or on your website enables you to strengthen that relationship with the customer.

People are going to buy into both the person and the brand, based on the information that you convey in that video, they become emotionally invested.

If you take all that emotion away, it becomes a really low energy, low budget version of the adverts that we all hate on TV.

So, don’t just sell your product, sell yourself.

Create your Video Content in an interesting way, add value to your viewer.

This one ties in a little bit with point number 2 about personality and branding.

Maybe you sell clay for a living,

This is perhaps not the most engaging subject, but if you create tutorials on how to make products from your clay such as a, a bowl, or a vase, a video about where your clay comes form, what types of pigment do you use to paint the clay.  

Now, from something as boring as ‘really sticky mud’ you have the foundations of some really engaging content and also of a brand.

It’s also worth noting that ‘How do you make a bowl ” is a really good search term for Google to deliver video content.

Audio is Important when making Video Content.

Very, few people are going to watch your video in anything higher than 1080p quality, but they are likely going to be listening.

If you have poor audio quality, it will definitely put some people off!

If you are planning on buying a camera, then I recommend that you shave £100 off the cameras price and spend it on a quality Microphone.

The RODE VideomicPro is going to be good enough for most people starting out making video content and it will make a massive difference to the overall experience of the sound for the audience.

It’s also worth noting that your video should be subtitled to make it accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing. It’s important to keep your content inclusive and appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

From an SEO perspective, captioning will also help search engines understand what your video is about.

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So, there you go, some top tips for creating your own video content for marketing material for your website or socials.

If you want to discuss any of these top tips for creating your own Video Content or if you prefer to call in the professionals   you can contact Dan here, or call 07769 891588 to find out more.

In the meantime, have fun…Oh, and did I mention planning?

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