What Equipment do I Need to Make Video Content?

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What equipment do I need to make Video Content for my website is a question many new business owners or SME’s are asking right now. 

According to the experts, producing regular content for your website is a necessary part of your digital marketing campaign that you ignore at your peril.

And due to the number of sites taking up space on Google’s servers, they are committed to de-indexing sites that are out of date or do not meet the levels of optimisation required to ensure your website ranks highly on the search engine pages.

One of the most popular ways of producing interesting and engaging content is to upload videos.

This offers a way of detailing your products or services that your clients find appealing to the eye and that they find a personal connection with.

And with YouTube being second only to Google as the most visited website, it makes good commercial sense to include videos in your marketing campaigns.

But uploading a shaky video you have filmed with your smart phone won’t give you the professional edge you need to rank above your competitors.

You need to upload high quality content that viewers feel match their tastes and represent the image they aspire to.

So, what equipment do you need to make video content that will be of high quality and equal the sophisticated buyer’s aspirations when they are making a purchase?

Read on here to find out!

Specialist Equipment Required for Making a High-Quality Video

The first thing you need is a decent mirrorless, cinema or DSLR camera. DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex and obviously, the more you can afford to pay, the better quality of image you can produce.

A good quality DSLR camera with decent shutter speed can costs anywhere upwards of £300.00, and do not be surprised by a five-figure sum for the best quality cameras on the market.

As with everything however, you get what you pay for, and the better-quality camera you buy will produce crisper videos that your viewers will translate into your own products or services being of the highest quality also.

Next of course, you need a tripod.

And spending a decent amount on a first-class camera can be swiftly undone by a flimsy tripod.

In fact, a top-quality tripod improves the quality of images produced by even the most basic camera by reducing the shakiness which leads to blurry, poor quality videos.

The next steps to think about when you are making a video for your website are the sound and lighting.

Investing in a suitable microphone means that you will capture the clear sounds associated with your video whilst eliminating background noises that may interfere with the quality of the video you wish to produce. 

There are plenty to choose from, and again the price varies dramatically, depending on what sound you want to achieve.

Lighting for your video is a similarly important consideration.

Poor lighting can be distracting and obstruct the viewer getting an accurate reflection of your product or service.

To prevent this, you need a reflector with a variety of different coloured surfaces and a reflector holder, (unless you have a good mate who can hold the reflector for you!).

In addition to the reflector, you may need LED lights and suitable stands, all of which can prove costly when you are on a budget.

Producing High-Quality Videos for your Website.

Once you have shot your video you then need to be able to edit and produce professional looking content that will do your products and services justice when posted online.

This means investing in video editing software and will require time and research to find the right product to suit your needs.

You will also need to research practical guidance on producing video content, including applying filters, editing from different angles, and if your computer has suitable hardware and is actual capable of editing video content.

There are lots of good guides online but you will need to invest plenty of time to read or watch them.

Contact a Videographer.

Of course, if all of this sounds like becoming an expensive hobby to produce videos for content for your website there is an alternative option, you could contact a videographer to do all of this for you.

Here at P4otos.Com we are committed to producing high-quality videos for content for your website at a fraction of the cost it takes to invest in both your own time and financial resources in equipment.

Creating videos for your website is something we take pride in, from the moment we are given the creative brief to the final edit and upload of your video for content marketing.

So, if you are thinking of producing your own videos for your website but can’t afford the equipment or the time needed to produce high quality content, why not contact us here, for expert advice or call Dan on 07769 891588.

We are looking forward to discussing your creative requirements

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