What Type of Video Content is Right for My Business?

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As a professional videographer, people are always asking me how to create video content that is meaningful or engaging for people to watch, and the first thing I reply is ‘know what sort of video you want to produce!’

This is especially important if you are thinking of sharing video content as part of your digital marketing strategy. Because believe it or not, there are lots of different types of videos that you can create!

And asking yourself, ‘what type of video content is right for my business’ is the first part of having a successful video content marketing strategy and connecting with your audience.

So in this 2 Part blog series I am going to explain the different types of video you can create if you want video content that connects with as wide an audience as possible, without it being lost amidst the 1000s and 1000’s of videos that uploaded every single day.

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Product Video Content

Product videos, also known as spotlight or hero videos, are your standard type of advertisement.

A mop whizzing across a dirty floor leaving a sparkling trail behind it.

A red wine spill soaked up in seconds using only one sheet.

An alternative breakfast option that solves all your ‘on the go’ hunger problems in one convenient pocket-sized packet.

A trickle of water running down an ice-cold glass, reminding you just how thirsty you are for a branded drink.

Even just by reminding you of the video content, you can probably see the visuals in your head that have made these product videos some of the most successful advertising content on our screens in recent years.

They focus heavily on the features and benefits of the product to show the audience just what the product can do and, what you are missing out on if you don’t make a purchase!

When a product video is well produced, this type of video content can be very memorable and a superb way of showing off your product.

One piece of sound advice though to remember here;

To get the most out of a Product Video it is important to have the correct spotlighting, a poorly lit product will fall short of what the audience wants to watch, no matter how good the product is!

‘How to’ Video Content

According to searchengineland.com, searches relating to the term “how to” are growing 70% year on year.

When you have your own business, it’s usually because you can offer a solution to a problem through your product or service, so cater your video content to demonstrate this.

If you are sharing your industry knowledge, your audience will grow to respect you as an expert in your field and will come to you for advice.

Furthermore, they will start to share your videos online so that you are building organic growth through your audience!

And don’t worry, you don’t have to give all your trade secrets away for free!

Even by giving a small amount of information away to your audience, this will build customer loyalty and increase your sales turnover, because people buy from people they trust, so get making those ‘How to’ videos!

‘Behind the Scenes’ Video Content

As humans we are naturally curious and inquisitive.

We love to know how things are made, who is behind making them, and why they are made the way that they are.

Behind the scenes videos are a fun and interesting way of engaging with a customer and helping them to buy into your product, service, or brand.

Behind the scenes videos can be a great way of peaking a customer’s curiosity and give your customers an intimate experience of your business that they would not otherwise have.

This is another great way of building trust with customers because you are allowing them into your world.

Furthermore, it’s also a good way of justifying your prices because people can see how much work goes into the product or service that you offer.

When we allow people to see ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak, this is giving them a taste of the real you and the authenticity of your business.

One word of caution though, it’s entirely up to you just how much ‘behind the scenes’ you show and be strategic about the quality of the content you use.

Nobody wants to see a video of nothing happening all day if, for example, your business doesn’t come alive until the evening time!

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So, this is the first part of the series of ‘What Video Content is Right for My Business’ blogs.

Next time we will review video content that has a people focus. So, this will include ideas for video content of employees or client testimonials.

If you have enjoyed reading this blog and you want to know more about ‘what video content is right for my business’, or you are just about to do some videos of your staff and you can’t wait for the next blog, you can contact us here or call Dan on 07769 891588 for more Video Content advice!

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