What Type of Video Content is Right for My Business? – Part 2

In my last blog we explored what type of video content is right for my business, because when you are uploading video content, understanding the kind of audience you want to attract is a fundamental part of creating engaging videos and winning business.

And since becoming a professional videographer, I get asked loads of questions about the best way to create videos for use in a successful digital marketing campaign, and understanding your audience is right up there on the tick list of things to remember.   

In the part one of the ‘what type of video content is right for my business’ blogs, we looked at product videos, behind the scenes videos, and ‘how to’ videos for digital content.

So, in part 2 Part of this blog series, we are going to explore some more of the different types of video content you can create for your digital marketing strategy, including involving the team around you!

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Meet the team style videos can be a great way for a business that offers a service to engage with its customers and also showcase its brand identity, as well as the people behind the brand.

People can often find the idea of engaging with a service provider daunting and may have concerns that stop them from engaging with your business.

For example: Is this mechanic going to rip me off, or do they genuinely care about their customers cars?

Is this solicitor professional and experienced? Does this accountant know what he is talking about when I need advice on my next tax bill?

Essentially, you want to know do I trust these people and am I in good hands. It’s a cliché but it’s completely true. People buy from people.

And meet the team videos are a fantastic way for your business build trust with potential customers, and show a friendly, human aspect to the service that you provide.


Similar to meet the team style videos, short, friendly interview style and headshot videos of members of staff can help your customers to engage with your business on an intimate level.

Removing the ‘corporate mask’ from key members of staff can help your audience to identify with your ethos and to understand the passion and drive behind your company.

And rather than seeing it as a corporate money-making machine, when you include your employees, your audience can connect with ‘real people’ from the business and get a better feel for the company values.


These are a useful way of engaging with a customer if a need for your product or service isn’t something that’s immediately understood by all.

A great way to utilise an explainer video for marketing is if you provide a service with multiple steps or sessions.

Setting an agenda of the process customers can expect when they deal with your company is a great way to break down barriers and deal with any concerns that they may have.

And placing the video in a place where a customer can ask questions (such as in a comments section) is also a brilliant way of engaging with customers and opening dialogue.


Who better to tell your potential customers about your product than existing customers?

If your existing customers love your product or service and are excited about using it, getting a video testimonial from them can be a brilliant way of attracting new customers.

If all your existing customers are shouting from the rooftops about how great their experience was, new customers are likely to envision they will have a similar experience.


It’s all well and good your company having beanbags and a pool table in the office or a waterslide for when you need to drop paperwork off with Janet in accounts, but if that’s the type of modern company you are, you need to be showing off about it!

Ethos videos are a brilliant way of giving your customers an insight into your company, but equally, they can also attract potential employees as well.

Having the right kind of employees for your business is important no matter what kind of business you operate; they will undoubtedly help your company run and grow organically.

The rule here is, be who you want to attract.

If waterslides and pool tables aren’t your thing, that’s fine as well.

It’s always best to be authentic when it comes to a video like this because that will naturally attract employees and customers that connect with your brand identity.

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