Why a Videographer is Important for Your Business

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So, by the very nature of you landing on the P4otos.com blog page, you must have some interest in who are we, what do we do, and hopefully how we can create great videos to help you sell your business!

Videography has come a long way since the early days of the Sony camcorder, first released back in 1983.

And in a move that revolutionised videography, the technical innovators at Sony removed the need for a cable between the camera and the recorder, giving the person operating the camera greater freedom and flexibility.

Now, almost forty years later, it seems everybody enjoys having a go at videography at some point, with the latest App craze TikTok having a record 689 million active users worldwide each month!  

However, there is a gulf of difference between an amateur videographer having some fun and uploading short clips to TikTok or YouTube, and a professional videographer who can be an extension of your marketing strategy.

Helping you to sell more products and services, boosting your business revenue!

There is a huge amount of skill, time and experience required to be able to generate the right lighting, create clever scene setting, and produce interesting and informative content.

And in many cases when the film making is going to be outside, understanding the weather conditions is part of the videographer’s brief too!

So, if you are considering creating video content for your business website and want a professional videographer to make your products and services stand out form your competitors, read on Why to find out more!

 Why Should You Have Video Content to Promote Your Business?

There is a simple answer to this question, and that is Social Media.

From YouTube to Instagram, from LinkedIn to Facebook, all of these well-established Social Media platforms offer vital links for you to connect with your existing customers and be a valuable marketing source for potential new ones.   

The seemingly unlimited thirst for information in the 21st Century has to quenched somehow, but in today’s sophisticated and informed society poor content just doesn’t cut it.

People will literally scroll on by, meaning you are not getting your marketing messages out there, inevitably leading to lost sales and revenue.

And as people look for ever increasingly innovative ways to catch people’s eye, video content on your website or social media channels is an ideal way to grab somebody’s attention.

With regular short video clips on your website or social media, you can introduce new products and services, shine a spotlight on your existing range, offer exclusive tutorials and focus on industry specific content, becoming an expert in your field.

Furthermore, if you regularly update your website and social media you will increase your customer reach and boost your search engine optimisation through visually engagement. The perfect partner to well written and optimised content!

How Can A Videographer Help My Business?

Okay, so we agree that having video content to promote your business can play a vital role in your digital marketing strategy.

But honestly, picking up a smartphone to video some badly lit shots of what you are trying to promote simply won’t cut it.

And before you rush off to buy a state-of-the-art digital video camera and tripod, check your bank balance, the best equipment does not come cheap, and like everything in the digital world, requires constantly updating to get the best results.

In addition, the amount of time it takes to prepare, shoot and edit good quality videos will takes you away from doing what you do best, and after all your trouble of creating a video, you may not be entirely happy with the results!

So, by hiring a Videographer to produce great content for your website or social media, you will not only be saving on the outlay of buying expensive video equipment, you will also be enlisting the help of a professional video maker, who has the technical ability to make your products or services stand out from the rest.

When you hire a Professional Videographer, they will plan your pre-production requirements and think about the logistics necessary to ensure your video is engaging and catches people’s attention in the first 8 seconds. (The golden nugget of videography!).

A Professional Videographer will ensure the content is not only engaging, but that there is structure to your video and it ‘tells a story’.

They will be able to create an eye-catching beginning, informative central content, and a memorable end, so that your clients will ‘like and share’ and your business will grow!

How Do I Choose a Videographer?

The easiest way to choose a Professional Videographer is to pick up the phone and talk to them!

Ask for their advice, tell them what you are looking for, and don’t be afraid to discuss your budget, a good quality videographer will be able to work with you and create superb video content for your website or social media usually within your budget.

And they will welcome your ideas because of course, you know your business best, a Professional Videographer knows how to optimise them visually to maximise engagement!

So, if you want to discuss hiring a Professional Videographer to create fantastic and engaging visual content for your website or social media channel, you can contact Dan here, or call 07769 891588 to find out more!

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