Aerial Photography & Videography

Often, a slight shift in angles can make a huge improvement to a photograph or video.

Here at P4otos I offer two types of Aerial Photography:

Aerial photography is becoming more and more popular these days. For many people it is a hobby, enabling them to see the world from a different angle. I love seeing things from a higher perspective than you can achieve as a person standing on the ground. My passion is seeing the bigger picture and bringing it alive for you.

This is exactly why I offer Aerial Photography services.

At P4OTOS I am passionate about aerial photography and videography. Utilising the latest equipment and using high levels of expertise, I can provide you or your company with beautiful aerial photography and videography for your project.



I started as a man with a van and a 26M Telescopic Mast. The mast is fantastic for getting quality static photos, and is perfect for areas where drones are not allowed, such as densely populated areas, cities, areas with complex overhead structures etc. It can be used for capturing large areas such as an entire retail park, plot of land or detail on a roof in a city centre.

I have been passionate about photography since childhood and enjoyed flying model helicopters, so it was a natural progression to combine the two and start ‘playing’ with drones.

In September last year I decided to turn the hobby into an additional service which enables a whole variety of industries to see buildings from a new perspective, for a wide variety of reasons.

There is more to flying a drone than simply buying one and sending it up into the air. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has guidance for both private and commercial use, and the laws around using them is constantly evolving.

To offer a drone photography and video service, I trained and obtained my Permission for Commercial Operations (PFCO) Licence. I keep up to date with the latest legislation and use the highest standard equipment to ensure the sharpest images and videos.

Why choose Aerial Photography Services?

Accurate. Fast. Safe.

Modern drone camera technology has improved massively over the last few years with greater pixel density, increased zoom, improved stabilisation and the use of GPS. The accuracy of the images makes aerial photography and video services perfect for any high-level survey, in sometimes challenging weather conditions.

Aerial services are faster, more cost effective and safer than traditional methods of capturing high level imagery.

There is no need to invest time and money into long winded planning or hiring expensive lift equipment or scaffolding or having to ensure someone has the correct certification to carry out roof and elevated surveys. Drones can cover large expanses in very short periods of time, and the images are available quickly.

Who can I help?

Aerial Photography can be used in a wide range of Industries.

Chartered Surveyors

I assist surveyors who work in all fields of land, property and building consultancy. My services help value properties and undertake visual building surveys without the need to hire expensive platform lifts. I will provide you with high quality photos and video of construction sites, buildings and large expanses of land.

Insurance Companies

I offer photographic and video services for roof and elevated parts of buildings. I work with companies who insure commercial and residential properties. These days it is imperative insurance companies can verify whether a claim is genuine, and I will provide you with accurate, detailed aerial and elevated photography or videos of the claimants building. This will verify the claim and assist with assessing the cost of repairing the damage.

Estate Agents

I support both commercial and residential estate agents to provide the best quality external photos of properties currently available on the market. My photos and videos give a true feel for the size and expanse of a building and grounds, so your client has a tangible understanding of what is on offer.

Architects and Construction Companies

As well as providing beautiful photography of your finished projects, to showcase in portfolios and marketing material. I can provide you with quality footage throughout a project, enabling investors and decision makers to see the progress of large-scale projects. I provide high quality photos and video with a prompt turnaround, enabling you to make faster, more informed decisions based on the progress the project. I can be there from the start and at specific points throughout the build.

Leisure Industry

My drone equipment is capable of speeds up to 58mph and is extremely agile, in other words, it is perfect for filming and photographing cars and bikes for track days and race events. It is also perfect for filming outdoor pursuits, Water Skiing, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Skating, Snowboarding or anything which ‘floats your boat’. We have the expertise and technology to capture the perfect adrenaline shot.

Why choose me for Aerial Photography?

I will help you showcase your projects, buildings and land.

You will receive a prompt, friendly, personal, professional service EVERY TIME. I am dedicated to getting to know you, your project and what you need to achieve through the use of imagery. I believe in creating long lasting relationships so I can offer you an ongoing, individual service. My aim is to provide you with beautiful imagery to display your projects to your clients.

I use the latest drone technology which utilises incredibly sharp cameras which can shoot up to 5.2k quality video and a 20.8 megapixel RAW image.

Aerial photography and aerial videography services are often quicker and less costly to arrange than scaffolding and lift platforms. It is also often much safer than using specialist rope access or scaffolding. Drones can get into spaces which are simply not accessible any other way and I care about getting you the best results for all your building requirements.

Selling Your Home?

We work with several estate agents to provide stunning aerial  photography and video for both residential and commercial property. 

Contact us today to take your listings photographs to another level.

Fast Paced Action Shots? We Can Keep up!

Vehicle Imagery

Our equipment is capable of speeds up to 58 mph and extremely agile, this makes it perfect for filming and photographing cars and bikes on things like track days and race events.

Outdoor Pursuits

Whatever it is that floats your boat, Water Skiing, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Skating, Snowboarding or just about anything else.
We have the expertise and the technology to capture the perfect shot.

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Eric Bautsch
Eric Bautsch
20:19 03 Mar 20
Dan was very intuitive about understanding our needs. Great photography, excellent service. Dan is a fab guy to work... with. Very efficient, professional and photos available to us next day. Excellent value for money. I can recommend Dan to more
S Dean
S Dean
10:07 21 Jan 20
Excellent job. Excellent quality footage, covering everything we needed and more. Friendly, helpful and at a very... reasonable price. Thanks Dan, great more
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